Overworked, Stressed and in Pain – Patient treated by our doctor Dr. Samuel tells her story

True story written by Claire living in Dubai:

I’m writing this story, to share with people the difficulties I went through and how chiropractic enabled me to get back on the right track.

I am 35 years old, I don’t go to the gym or exercise as my working hours are unpredictable and I commute twice daily between 40 to 60 minutes by car.

Since I came here to Dubai, I have been working as a personal secretary for a senior lawyer. Working long hours from 9am and 2/3 times a week I do not go home before 10-11pm. I have

Neck and shoulder pain, X-ray artwork

Neck pain radiating to shoulder blades

one short break to grab a sandwich and a coffee. A very unhealthy, highly stressful life.
I used to be very fit and exercise, but working late and after work dinners caused this to stop. I had no energy and started feeling more irritated with the constant nagging pain I was getting behind my neck and in my shoulder blades. At first it was just stiffness, I would take painkillers and “off to work the next day”.

However, during the following months my neck and shoulder pain became more constant, causing severe pain even working at my computer. The pain got worse and radiated from my neck to my shoulder blade and even at the back of my upper right arm. Often I had to stop working for few minutes to move my right shoulder and neck around, to relieve the pain. I was feeling completely exhausted, waking up with pounding headaches and in the night couldn’t relax as the shoulder was incredibly painful.

Dr Sam examination with female-small-low

Dr. Samuel Saukkonen treating a patient – Chiropractic Dubai at Emirates European Medical Centre

One day, I came to work looking terrible and tired, my friend Tim, asked what was wrong. I told him about my problem and how it was making my life a misery.

He told me he had gone through the same situation for 2 years. Tim’s doctor advised him to see a Chiropractor. Within his first 4-5 chiropractic treatments, John had great response. He had a few more treatments the first month and was now completely pain free. He sees his Chiropractor every 4-6 weeks to keep everything pain free. He told me to try a Chiropractor, I was a bit reluctant but I booked an appointment at Chiropractic Dubai, I was happy to find out that they had Finnish chiropractor Dr. Samuel Suakkonen who in fact, qualified in the U.K.

On my first visit I was impressed, the chiropractor took a detailed account of my health history and symptoms. He examined my spine and shoulder movements, stopping where, he found I had pain and stiffness. Dr. Samuel did quite a lot of tests on my neck and shoulder to help dia

gnose my problem. He sent me to do a MRI scan to check up the state of my spinal bones and joints, he explained the results. My problem was a mechanical and could be treated using chiropractic manipulation and muscle rebalancing. It showed I had a small cervical disc herniation, which was giving me the shoulder and arm pain, and he explained that gentle chiropractic manipulation and an exercise program would help get rid of the pain. He advised me how to rearrange my computer work station so that I could get well as soon as possible.

On my first treatment Dr. Samuel adjusted misalignments in my spine. After, I felt very tired as if I had started a new sport, but I could tell that this was all part of the healing process. Best of all I slept like a log and could not believe the pain relief. Six treatments later I was virtually reborn! I can’t stop talking about this amazing change which has happened to me. I feel like my old self again – ten years younger and full of energy. I am telling everyone about chiropractic, and in particular about my chiropractor, Dr. Samuel, who probably does not realise how happy and grateful I am. I want to stay this way, so I will be going to see him once every six weeks for some preventative treatment.

If you are suffering from neck pain, back pain, headaches, injury or joint pain call us at Chiropractic Dubai on 04341166 or for more information visit our website: www.chiropracticdubai.com

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